Little Desert, big fun

While I organise my thoughts and do some more research, here are a few photos from my trip to the Little Desert National Park in Victoria’s west.

lichen on Callitris gracilis
Lots of lichen on this (probably middle-aged) Callitris trunk
orange fungi in bark
Maybe an orange peel fungus? Feel free to enlighten me if I’m wrong
Lomandra juncea
Lomandra juncea – tiny flowering seed heads at the base of this familiar grass-like plant
prostrate habit, coloured bark
For a love of gum tree bark… fairly certain these are yellow gums, but I didn’t make notes while I was taking photos – shame!

gum burl

One Reply to “Little Desert, big fun”

  1. I’ve always thought lichens fascinating… like space creatures hanging out on trees and rocks but had no idea they had scientific relevance. I’ll now observe more closely.
    Oh, Lomandra flowers! Lomandra spp. seem to be commercial landscapers go-to. Those tiny blooms redeem it.


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